Who is Tricky Traveler?

A friend of Peter Pan's.
Inhabitant of Neverland.

He's the one behind the service. A so-called budding traveler, have gone to certain places alone. Solitaire journeys opened lots of new doors in his life. And revealed his true identity in traveling. Petty, stingy, strict in spending and of course, tricky. Of all components of traveling, creating itineraries is one of his favorite. He doesn't just do it before the trip starts, but he keeps doing it during the trip, redesign, recalculate, measure everything to always happen right on time, right on place.

And he thinks that this could bring money for him.

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A Jakarta based Itinerary Organizer. Sounds unfamiliar? Yea we think so. This business is brand new and we're still observing the market. Wish us luck!